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FEATURE: Mallory and Matt's Coral and peach stationery suite

custom wedding stationery with flowers
coral bridesmaid dresses with peach, pink, coral, gold, and lime flowers

I have a younger sister named Mallory. From the moment she was born, we’ve been sisters in the deepest sense of the word. We're inseperable. She is my very best friend and closest comrade. 

When we were little kids, we used to sleep in a big bed together. She somehow got the idea that she didn't want to be lonely at night, and so she would tell me that I had to face her when we were sleeping. I used to get really annoyed but I did what she said anyway. One time when I was about eleven, I decided I really wanted my own room. I told her about my (genius) idea to move into a guest bedroom so we'd both have more space, but she cried and so I stayed. In high school she wanted a prom dress that was $20 over the budget mom had given her. I conveniently handed her the cash from my wallet to make sure she got the dress of her dreams. A few years ago, she borrowed my car while I was on vacation and accidentally wrecked it. I came home and said, “It’s ok! I needed an upgrade anyway!”

Needless to say, I love her to death. So when she came to me asking for a custom wedding stationery suite, I really wanted it to be a show-stopper. She's always been the girly, sparkly one, and I wanted her stationery to reflect that. She asked me to design something with bold flowers and lots of shades of pink and coral (hello, dream client!!) 

coral and peach floral pattern custom watercolor wedding invitation by Sommer Letter Co.

With the invitations, we wanted guests to immediately get a feel for the fun and colorful vibes of the wedding. Mallory requested peach envelopes, and I finished them with white brush calligraphy in a loose, bold style. Super embarrassing confession here: I actually had to do all the envelope calligraphy twice. That's right: a hundred envelopes with white ink and a paintbrush... twice. I made the mistake of ordering the wrong size envelopes. I had finished every single envelope before I realized my mistake. It just goes to show that even experienced professionals blow it sometimes, ha! 

But weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the mistake was all mine. I would do the same for all of my clients! I really think it was absolutely worth the extra effort to get things just right.  Mallory and Matt told me they got a lot of texts from friends and family about the beautiful calligraphy and invitations. 

Colorful custom watercolor wedding invitations with white brush calligraphy for addresses
Complete coral and peach custom stationery suite

We also put a lot of thought into the day-of stationery details. Mallory and Matt had a lot of friends and family to accommodate, so we put together a seating chart and added place cards at each place setting. Rather than organize the seating chart by table, Mallory chose to have them organized alphabetically. This helped people to find their name and table much faster than sorting through a long list of over 200 names. It really worked well to help the timing and transition from ceremony to reception. 

Wedding seating chart by alphabetical order
Sylvan Cellars Rome City Indiana wedding venue

We really wanted each guest to feel wowed and welcomed at their seat. Each place card was made of hand-cut watercolor paper. I then painted a swash of coral paint. Mallory loves sparkly, shiny things, so I surprised her by adding a swash of gold leaf to each card. Finally, each guest's name was written in a loose cursive with a brush pen. I know guests really noticed and appreciated the effort; many people took their place cards home as a souvenir. 

hand lettered wedding place cards with watercolor and gold leaf
Table numbers for coral, gold, and orange wedding

Really, everything came together absolutely beautifully. Mallory's vision for the day was enhanced by all kinds of details and special touches that stationery can provide. I am so happy for my little sister and her husband! If you'd like to request a custom stationery quote for your own wedding, click here

bridesmaid with wedding programs
Coral, peach, and lime bride bouquet

Feature: Taylor and Jalen's purple and lavender HUES wedding

When a bride asks you to create a stationery suite in shades of your favorite color, you have to say yes. Instantly. Don't ask questions. Taylor and Jalen's wedding was a dreamy mix of lavender, violet, amethyst, and lilac. To top it off, Taylor chose a shimmery champagne envelope. I truly cannot imagine a more perfect first impression for guests than a bit of sparkle and an explosion of florals.  

Lavender amethyst violet wedding stationery by Sommer Letter Co.
Hues of purple and lavender custom wedding invitation by Sommer Letter Co.

When Taylor contacted me, she told me that she was getting married outdoors with a barn reception. I really wanted to carry that breezy, summery feel into the stationery suite. At the same time, we wanted to keep things upscale and not too casual. We stuck with a fairly traditional wording, and that shimmer champagne-colored envelope was the perfect touch to keep things elegant.

One sided long tall wedding program by Sommer Letter Company
Shades of lavender amethyst violet wine watercolor wedding invitation by Sommer Letter Co.

FEATURE: Morgan and Jeff's multi-location wedding

I sincerely love this stationery suite because of the romantic love story of the couple featured in it. I met Morgan in college on a trip we took to Peru, South America. Our little college group got paired up with a group from another school. Interestingly enough, Morgan seemed to be getting along really well with a guy from Montana named Jeff. As we toured Machu Picchu, wandered around Lima, and learned about the Incan empire, they just seemed to click. Fast forward a few years, and Morgan and Jeff were engaged. I had the enormous privilege of making their wedding stationery, and I'm so glad!!

Complete custom pink wedding invitation suite by Sommer Letter Co.

This wedding stationery suite introduced some unique challenges. Despite coming from two different states, Morgan and Jeff wanted to celebrate with all of their family members. They planned a traditional wedding in Indiana, with another reception in Montana. We created a few different invitations. Some guests were invited to the Indiana wedding only, while others received information about the Montana reception. In the end, this solution worked seamlessly for the needs of each guest. (And can we just talk about the COLOR in this gorgeous wedding??) 

Coral and peach floral wedding invitation by Sommer Letter Co.

I've never been a huge fan of coral and peach, but this wedding has me converted. Congratulations to a beautiful couple with a love story straight out of a movie. 

Coral and peach watercolor wedding invitation by Sommer Letter Co.
Unique peach wedding invitations by Sommer Letter Co.

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