Decorating for Christmas early is NOT a crime, unless there is a lot of glitter involved. +free phone, tablet, and computer backgrounds to hold you over in the meantime

Decorating for Christmas early is not a crime unless there is a lot of glitter involved

I don't know about you, but I am DYING to put up my Christmas tree. It's like this itch I just need to scratch. (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've been preparing Christmas products since early September????)

There's just one problem: my sweet husband is not a huge fan of the glitter that covers our apartment for two months every year. And I don't blame him. It's not the most dudely thing ever to go to work with little bits of glitter somehow stuck to your face. (Why does that happen, anyway? It's not like he ever touches the tree. Yet little bits of Christmas magic find their way to his face.) 

Soooo I am refraining from putting up the tree until after Thanksgiving. It's the least I can do to spare him a little bit longer. (I mean, if the radio has yet to torture me with the 24/7 Christmas music that really gets on my nerves, I can probably wait a little longer on the glitter decorations. Sorry guys I just can't do 24/7 Christmas music. It makes me crazy.) 

So today I turned my pink poinsettias Christmas card into a pattern you can use to decorate your phone, tablet, and laptop. It's the least Christmas-y of my Christmas designs, so it won't annoy even the biggest Grinch in your life. And you can smile knowing that all the Christmas decorations in the world are coming oh so very soon! Just look at this. It's like wrapping paper for your phone:

pink poinsettias Christmas iPhone and laptop background

More Christmas goodness is one the way ever-so-soon, at a more acceptable date when no one will judge you for it. Enjoy the week, friends!