Simple Holiday Skills: 5 tips for a more perfectly wrapped present, if you happen to obsess over that kind of thing

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This post is the first in a series of holiday-related posts. I'm (a little) sorry if you're a "no Christmas until after Thanksgiving" kind of person... but my job is to help you prepare in advance! (And I promise to sprinkle in some regular, non-holiday posts, too.) PLUS this is my first-ever video post! So you can see just how uncomfortable I am in real life. Yay! 

I remember the day my mom showed me how to wrap a gift. I have no idea where we were or how old I was, but I remember being mesmerized. The whole process was so nice and systematic. Wrapping so perfectly seemed like a big deal to me. After that, my mom let me wrap all the birthday gifts in our house. While my siblings vacuumed the carpet or set the table for family birthday parties, I would have the responsibility of wrapping. And I LOVED it. (Maybe because it gave me a break from cleaning?)

I’ve learned that a lot of people aren’t really sure what to do when wrapping. They just kind of go for it and hope it all sticks together. So this little tutorial is for those who who want to up their wrapping game a little.This holiday season, you can give something a little more refined. The trick to good wrapping is being careful. (Seriously!) Here are five tips to be a little more careful when you wrap. (If you prefer to read, just scroll past the video!) 

  1. Work on a hard surface. It really makes a difference! Sitting on carpet can lead to tearing, puncturing, or wrinkling the paper. Find a table or a hard floor instead. 

  2. Use weights to hold the paper while you cut. Some paper likes to roll itself up. It really helps to weight your paper down so it doesn’t move while you’re cutting. Any object you have sitting around will work just fine. Your phone, an empty glass, the remote… you get the idea.

  3. Crease the edges of your paper for a tight fit! Seriously! Run your thumb and index finger over the edges of the gift wrap to crease them nicely into place. It gives them a little extra crispness. (Not crispiness.)

  4. If you’re working with a geometric print, fold the paper so that the pattern lines up perfectly on the bottom. (A tip for seriously OCD people only.) 

  5. Use double-sided tape. This requires you to purchase EXPENSIVE DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE which honestly might be the best invention of all time. Maybe bite the bullet and get a roll? Send me one while you're at it. 

And that's all! Hopefully friends and family will be gasping at your beautiful wrapping this year. And if you decide to go the gift bag route, well, hey. We've all been there.

Oh, and by the way... Looking for some beautiful gift wrap this year? I created a board on Pinterest to keep track of my favorite 2015 holiday goods. Click here to view and save some of my favorites! 

Until next time,