The best Christmas card ever: How to turn any card into a gorgeous photo card worth keeping, because Grammies, Mawmaws, and Nanas everywhere will appreciate the effort

the best Christmas card ever: how to turn any card into a gorgeous photo card worth keeping

I released a line of Christmas cards this week, and a lot of people have asked one question: 

LOVE THESE CARDS! How can I turn this into a photo card?
— Every person that has visited my website

Coincidentally, I had this post planned over a month ago to answer that very question. I'm so glad I did, because many of you have asked. (PSST! If you like the cards in this photo, scroll to the bottom of this post to get 10% off now through November 25!) 

For this project, I used the following items: 

Materials used to DIY photo Christmas cards


I am not being paid to support any of these products. I just like to make sure you know exactly what I used and where I can find it if you want to try it, too! 

I'm sure you've figured out by now just what I did: use photo corners to hold photos inside my cards. So that's really the only step involved here. However, I do have a few pieces of advice about how to get the best results.

Tip #1: Put the corners on the Photograph first

Photo corners are small, sticky, and a pain in the rear to position correctly. So, instead of sticking the photo corners inside the card (and then discovering you didn't align them properly) there is a better way:

Put photo corners on the photograph and THEN place the photograph in the card.

Look at the top right corner of this photograph. The corner is already in place; it just needs three more photo corners. Then place it in your card. 

How to use photo corners properly

Tip #2: Use the photograph to pick up corners off their backing

It also helps to insert the edge of the photograph into the photo corner, and then lift the corner off the backing. (The other, poorer option, is to peel off the corners with your fingers. But then they get stuck to your fingers, and they're annoying to work with. If you use the photo to lift the corners off their backing, it's a really simple and clean process!) 

TIP #3: What to consider when choosing tape or photo corners

I tried a few different kinds of corners because I wasn't sure which look I liked the best. Black photo corners reminded me of my childhood. They're a little old-fashioned, and that's exactly why I like them. White photo corners still had an old-timey feel to them, but they're less distracting. They do a better job of letting the photograph shine. Clear photo corners are the least-distracting option of all. They can be hard to see, though, which means your recipients might not realize they can remove and keep the photograph. Double-sided tape ended up being my least favorite option, because it ruined the photograph when I tried to take it out of the card. That means Grandma might not be able to keep the photograph and put it on her fridge after the holidays. When making the decision, it's really up to what you like best. 

Here is an example using black photo corners by Forever in Time

Example of Christmas card using black photo corners

Here is an example using the white photo corners by Forever in Time

Example using white photo corners by Forever in Time

And finally, here is an example using Scotch clear photo corners, for the cleanest/least obvious look: 

Using Scotch clear photo corners to create a family Christmas card

So there you have it: turn any card into the best Christmas card ever. This could also be a nice way to affix a gift card inside a Christmas card. I would love to see if anyone tries this project for their family cards this year! Send me a picture via private message on my Instagram, or shoot me an email at 


P.s. As a side note, I intentionally left the insides of my holiday cards blank when I designed them. I want you to have total control over what goes into your cards. While a holiday-related poem, a verse, or even a family photo can be lovely, I didn't want to dictate what made the most sense for you. Do you think I should offer photo cards next year? Let me know in the comments below!