The very best holiday Gifts Under $10 - A Christmas gift guide for serious budgets

The very best holiday gifts under $10 - a Christmas gift guide for serious budgets

Hello, holiday season. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who loves giving gifts, but fails to give any because I don't have the cash for it. Last week I spent probably a full day looking for affordable gifts. I went to Pinterest (my arch nemesis... I have Pinterest issues... Pissues? But that's a topic for another day...) and searched "Gifts under $10." After several hours of worthless internet browsing, I noticed a few trends:

  • a lot of the "under $10 gifts" were handmade
  • an awful lot involved some kind of pun (We wisk you a Merry Christmas!)
  • the majority were food items like popcorn, trail mix, chocolate, and cookies
  • don't hate me for saying this, but I didn't actually want any of them

Not that I hate handmade gifts (hello, I make cards for a living. I'm not against making stuff.) And I really enjoy food-- it's just that the holidays seem to be so saturated with food that I usually want something else. So I spent even more hours scouring the internet to put together a list of under $10 gifts that were none of the things I kept seeing. (THANKS FOR NOTHING, PINTEREST.) Keep an eye out for more lists in the coming weeks! In the meantime, leave me a comment with your best under $10 gift suggestions! And check out my holiday gifts under $20 board on Pinterest. 

holiday or Christmas gifts under $10

1. You are loved art print from Paper Source - $4.95

Under $5? Are you kidding me? I wish I had found this when I was still a teacher. I definitely would have put it in my classroom. At that price, you can probably even afford a frame, and possibly even some gold spray paint to match the gold text.

2. Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug from Anthropologie - $10 

IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY SEEN THIS MUG, HONESTLY, DO YOU EVEN USE THE INTERNET? This mug is everywhere. In addition to being pinned a million billion trillion times, I've this mug pop up in makeup tutorial videos (I'm looking at you, Kathleen Lights) and about a dozen other places. Because it's cute, gold, monogrammed, and $10. I can think of approximately 3 girls that wouldn't appreciate this mug. 

3. Bath bombs from Lush - $6.55-$7.50

Most (all?) bath bombs from Lush are under $10. I'm not typically a bath girl-- I live in an apartment and I get creeped out thinking who else might have used my tub. But I've given several bath bombs as gifts (maybe even turned one friend into an addict?) and I know bunches of girls who love them. Here are a few of my favorites!

I once gave this to a very dear friend... never mind the sexual title. Her husband might have been creeped out, but this pink and girly bath bomb is a best seller that practically has a cult following on the internet thanks to its great scent. 

This bath bomb is peppermint scented, has neon colors, and bunches of gold glitter dust. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Definitely for that one friend who does whatever she likes and cares not what the world thinks of her.

Lavender scented with pretty purple tones. Hello. Delicious. Calming. (You heard me say Lavender, right?) 

4. Umbrella ring dish from Anthropologie - $8 

This little ring dish has been around for what seems like forever. (I think I saw it on Anthro's website when I got engaged? I might be making that up.) I love the polka dots. I love the teal. I love that it's an umbrella. If I had a BFF that was recently engaged, I would totally be buying this for her Christmas gift this year. 

5. Painted Brushstrokes spiral notebook from Paper Source - $9.95

This notebook is pretty enough to make me want to be a student again... almost. I love the colors, the gold, and the kraft paper background. Plus the inside has a pop of pink on every page. 

Need more ideas? I have several other gift lists coming in the next few days and weeks. Until then, you can browse my Holiday gifts under $20 board on Pinterest (for those with slightly more spendy budgets.)