DIY love letters: A crazy confetti card with a clear envelope for ultimate birthday fun-ness, unless you're a total glitter phobe

Confetti Birthday Card with a clear envelope by Sommer Letter Co.

It's not my birthday. It's not actually anyone's birthday that I know right now. (Unless I am forgetting you, in which case this is super awkward and I'm super embarrassed and sorry.) I've been having a crazy week. The kind of week where you drop your ice cream cone on the ground and think Well that just fits and then you don't even cry because you've already cried twice today. Stuff has gone wrong this week-- more than once. So I needed something happy and cheerful, and this birthday card is SUPER HAPPY. It's like a party in an envelope. Just look at this goodness: 

Crazy confetti envelope birthday card

Seriously! What else could be happier than glitter and confetti?! Be a birthday card hero. You don't even have to be an art genius. I'll show you! 


I used this stuff (modify and substitute as needed! This ain't no recipe blog):

  • A clear plastic envelope. This is the hardest part of this project. You can usually buy semi-translucent envelopes at the craft store. If you're short on cash and time, I'd go that route. I happened to have a ton of these clear envelopes on hand from an old project. These are clear plastic and they are so versatile and fun!! 
  • Tissue paper, glitter, or confetti. 
  • Scissors. (Also recommended: a pencil and ruler for marking straight lines.)
  • Paper. I used watercolor paper because I like the thickness and I had a bunch on hand. But honestly card stock, scrapbook paper, or even regular computer paper could look great.
  • Paint, pens, markers, crayons, or other decorating supplies. 

I would like the world (my mother) to note that I have successfully created a project that doesn't require any tape. 

STEP ONE: measure, mark, and cut out your card

cutting guides for confetti birthday card project

Above, you can see how I marked out my card. I made a rectangle that was 10 inches long and 6 3/4 inches wide. After cutting, I folded the card in half along the pencil line you can see in the middle of the rectangle. The size of your card doesn't matter so much on this project... just something that will mostly fill your envelope! 

STEP TWO: Make confetti out of tissue paper 

how to make confetti for a birthday card project

You hardly need any tissue paper at all... I cut out little strips of tissue paper, and then cut out little tiny squares. When I was finished, I sprinkled some gold glitter in the mix. You don't need much confetti to fill an envelope (and you have to remember the annoyance it might cause for the recipient of the card.) 

STEP THREE: Decorate and assemble! 

DIY confetti birthday card project

This might be the easiest birthday card I've ever made. I just used black watercolor paint to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY in large sloppy letters. The confetti adds all the fun you need! Fill it with a note, a gift card, or stick it in the mail. (You CAN mail these envelopes, but they usually cost more than a regular stamp. Just ask your local postal worker for help!)

That's it, my friends. Confetti+glitter=happiness. Next time you send a birthday card, make it awesome!