About Kyle Sommer

Hey, I’m Kyle! I am the artist behind Sommer Letter Co. Just to clear things up, my name is pronounced like the boy name. Not Kylie, or Kylee. You can blame my parents for the confusion on that one.
Kyle Sommer | Sommer Letter Company

And though it causes much confusion in my day-to-day life, I like my name. I don't think I would be a very good Caitlin or Jenna or Melissa.

Art has always been a part of who I am. My father is a former art teacher who used to let me play in his classroom on the weekends. Colored paper scraps, scribbles, glitter, and messes have followed me around since long before I can remember. Officially, I started making stationery products after my handmade wedding invitations led to a flood of requests from friends and friends-of-friends. If I could cover my entire life in watercolor sketches, scribbly handwriting, and florals, I think I probably would.

I currently live in Fort Wayne, Indiana with my husband Josh. He is officially the coolest and best-looking dude I know. We love to travel, cook, and worship Jesus together.

Kyle Sommer | Sommer Letter Company
To clear a few more things up, my surname is pronounced “summer,” like the season. Not soh-mur or sah-mur. I know, I know... Between my first name and my last name, choosing a name for my business was a lose-lose situation.

The photos on this page have been taken by my wonderful photographer friend, Natalie Kunkel. She's available for portrait and wedding photography at her website